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Use of the Pershing Rifles Logo

The National Society of Pershing Rifles holds the rights to the Pershing Rifles logo under copyright registration number 3,754,189, registered March 2, 2010.

Use of the logo by non-members is subject to a license fee. To obtain a license for use of the logo, please contact us by e-mail at

If you have not yet read the Society's Anti-Hazing policy, we strongly suggest that you go to the page with the announcement of the policy and then click on the full policy to down load it.


US Coast Guard Silent Drill Team to Perform at NATCON

We are excited that they will be doing the exhibition at the lunch break at the Drill Competition at NATCON. Click HERE for information, pictures and videos.

Click HERE to register for NATCON.

Welcome to the New Pershing Rifles Unit Management System (UMS)

After a lot of hard work to find a way to consolidate and automate the management system for the members in good standing of the National Society of Pershing Rifles, The Pershing Rifles Group, The National Society of BlackJacks, The Pershing Rifles Alumni Association, and all subordinate organizations, we announced our new Unit Management System at NATCON 2013 and gave basic training.

At NATCON 2014, we provided additional training on how to do things within the system. Videos made of those sessions and future training sessions will be placed on the Training Page.

With the UMS, each unit has the capability to enter and update their personnel information on line and tailor their own web site content without having to pay separate fees for domain name registration or web site hosting services. The cost of the system is included in the dues that are collected by the organization. Our goal is to provide a single, secure location for conducting business and sharing information.

If you have any questions about the system, don't hesitate to contact the CIO of The Pershing Rifles Group.

Paying Dues in the Unit Management System (UMS)

National Society

Because of problems active units have had in paying dues on the UMS, we created an Administrative Page to describe ways of paying dues as well as many other functions that units need to perform. Life just got easier for our active units.

Note: If you cannot log into the system, it is probably because your dues aren't current.


For information describing why alumni should join as a Member-At-Large or a Member Association, go to the Why Join for information and to the Member Sign-up page to join. Once you become a member, annual renewal notices are sent automatically by the UMS so you don't have to worry about missing your renewal date again. (Note that the primamry Member of a Member Association must be a member in good standing in order for the UMS to accurately reflect the status of each o the Association's members).

A Note About Dues and Donations

Membership dues are not tax deductible.

Donations to the Pershing Rifles Group (our 501C10 entity) are only tax deductible if in the form of a sponsorship (advertising, etc.). However, donations to the Pershing Rifles Foundation (our 501C3 entity ) are tax deductible. The Pershing Rifles Foundation disburses funds to the National Society of Pershing Rifles and other member organizations in the form of scholarships, grants, and other allowable transactions. Please speak to your financial advisor before making any donations to any organization.

The purpose of the National Society of Pershing Rifles is to develop, to the highest degree possible, outstanding traits of leadership, military science, military bearing, and discipline within the framework of a military oriented, honorary fraternity.

The Pershing Rifles Group

The Pershing Rifles Group, a 501 (C) (10) not-for-profit organization for tax purposes, was established:

  • to encourage, preserve, and develop the ideals espoused by the National Society of Pershing Rifles,
  • to assist the active leadership of the Pershing Rifles in the accomplishment of their mission, and
  • to continue to develop and preserve the bonds of Brotherhood established by the National Society of Pershing Rifles, the Co-Ed Affiliates of the Pershing Rifles (CAPERs), the BlackJacks and equivalent organizations.

Our goal is to provide integrated service to the entire Pershing Rifles Community, both active and alumni. This includes mentorship, financial assistance, business acumen, continuity of operations and mitigation of the impacts of academic cycles.

The Pershing Rifles Alumni Association

The Pershing Rifles Alumni Association (PRAA) is the P/R Alumni arm of The Pershing Rifles Group.

The Association is open to alumni of the National Society of Pershing Rifles, the Co-ed Affiliates of the Pershing Rifles (CAPERs), the National Society of BlackJacks, and equivalent organizations.

The Pershing Rifles Foundation

The Pershing Rifles Foundation was established to educate the global community on our family of organizations and to develop charitable support for the expansion of our educational and community services by providing programs for mentoring, team and individual leadership and growth opportunities, and a succession of development levels starting at middle school and continuing into the high school, collegiate and alumni levels.

Our goal is to be the preferred choice for donors who wish to help develop tomorrow’s leaders to be sincere, altruistic and selflessly devoted to service and to insure an optimistic future with opportunities for all.

Currently the National Society of Pershing Rifles exists at more than 40 colleges and universities across the country. Our membership is composed of Army, Air Force, Navy and Marine Corps Officer Cadets as well as civilians wishing to dedicate their lives in service to our nation.

National Society of Pershing Rifles

The mission of the National Society of Pershing Rifles is:

  • To aid in the development of successful officers in the Army, Navy, and Air Force.
  • To foster camaraderie and esprit de corps among all three Reserve Officers’ Training Corps programs.
  • To further the purpose, traditions, and concepts of the United States Army, Navy, and Air Force.
  • To give civilians an opportunity to be part of a military organization without a formal commitment to the military.
The National Society of BlackJacks

The National Society of BlackJacks is a Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps (JROTC) leadership program based on the philosophy General of the Armies John J. Pershing developed while he was the Professor of Military Science at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln.

It is an overlay, self-contained program that provides opportunities for the young leaders to train in teamwork and to achieve immediate results through the use of precision drill and ceremony.

As in The National Society of Pershing Rifles, BlackJacks is a nationally affiliated organization dedicated to fostering a brotherhood and maintain a group of highly motivated and proficient individuals.

BlackJacks is a preparatory program for recruits into Pershing Rifle units across the nation, these units contain members of the U.S. Army, U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy (including the U.S. Marine Corps) ROTC programs and teaches the member the fundamentals of military procedures and conduct. When and if activated in the Pershing Rifles, the cadet receives more training in how to be a better officer, soldier and citizen. Pershing Rifles cadets tend to excel in ROTC and set the standards for others to follow.

Founded in 1967, The twofold mission of the National Society of BlackJacks is:

  • to establish in Drill units throughout the United States an elite brotherhood of cadets, trained and motivated to protect the ideals of General of the Armies John Joseph Pershing, patron of this organization.
  • to prepare students for college level Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC) and entry into the National Society of Pershing Rifles.

To join any of our organizations, click the Contact Us tab at the top of this page and send us an email describing our interest. A Staff Member will contact you to discuss the process to be used to become a member in good standing.

Terms of Use

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